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Name:Out of Character Community for the 13th Kingdom
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The Thirteenth Kingdom
The 13th Kingdom is set on a spiritual plane called the Spirit Realm, roughly divided into twelve individual "kingdoms." Each kingdom has a patron guardian that takes the form of an animal exemplifying certain traits. Characters are manifested in the Spirit Realm after being identified by the Cat as a potential champion favored by one of the twelve sealed guardians.

Over the last few centuries, a fog-like phenomena carrying a wasting-sickness has swept through the Spirit Realm, tainting and corrupting the residents while the spiritual energy of the realms has slowly disappeared. One by one, the twelve guardians of the Spirit Realm have sealed themselves away, lending the last of their mutable powers to the Cat so they may search for champions to pursue an answer to where this sickness came from, and how to restore the flow of spiritual energy to the realms. If the spiritual energy is not restored, then all the connected universes will continue to collapse inward, destroying each other in succession until chaos is left to rule over the remains as the multiverse morphs into a singularity.

Your character is one of those champions. How well fitted they are to that new role is up to them to decide.

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The 13th Kingdom is malleable game with elements of adventure, horror, exploration, puzzle solving, character development, land reclamation, and world building. It has an overarching plot line with a set end-game. Player decisions, activity, and input will have a direct effect on the course of the game itself.
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